Don’t let anyone look down

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity (1 timothy 4:12)

Who timothy? Timothy birth of his father, a Greek and a Jewish mother.
Timothy began his ministry at the age of 15 year and timothy be a close aide of Paul.
You can imagine the challenges faced timothy at the time. Timothy have to deal with teaching circulating at the time, where teaching that contradict, timothy also have to lead and teach the people who are older than him it makes people look down upon timothy.
By Paul The best way to set the authority is an exemplary life. PAUL wants strengthen timothy.
The authority of a spiritual leader does not lie in outward things like wealth, age, intelligence,
The use violence, but in an exemplary life.
There is nice example of exemplary : one day there is a mother who worried meet Mahatma Gandhi. While holding her daughter explained that her daughter has a habit Fond of sweet foods.
Can Mahatma advised my daughter Dupa to leave this bad habit, begged mother to Gandhi?
Gandhi silent for a moment, then said bring her back after 3 weeks. I will talk to her, Gandhi said.
The mother then left . 3 weeks later she was back again with her daughter. This time Gandhi Calmly approached the child and with the simple words he describes the adverse effects if she eat too many sweets. The mother was relieved and grateful to Gandhi. But she was still curious about Something, she asked Gandhi,  want to know why 3 weeks ago you did not immediately tell this to my daughter? Why wait 3 weeks? Gandhi patiently answered because 3 weeks ago, I was still craving sweet food. For 3 weeks i had to stop my bad habit before advised your daughter.
Paul stated timothy must be exemplary in words and behavior.
Means the act of a spiritual leader should be the same as what he said.
Gandhi had to fight to stop the bad habit first before he was advising others.