Never be ashamed of Me!!

We aren’t called to be like other Christians
We are called to be like Christ.
Matthew 10:32
Whoever acknowledge ME before others , I will also
acknowledge before my father in heaven.
When the WORD became flesh and lived as a human form
And teach the doctrine that brings life, what can we contemplate??
Imagine a person who does not have the wealth, political power
Especially military force but could have a great impact on the future.
HE reaches from the lowest and marginalized where no one cares for the 
Class of this wasted.
HE inspired that the group is underestimated is very valuable to HIM.
We can see the reality now how we often act underestimate the class
That we thought did not have wealth and power.
After the lost sheep HE was willing to leave 99 other sheep.
Influence how we see no political power and military power the world
But could change the face of the future power of Rome.
When Jesus met with imperial Rome in arena matches ??
When heavenly powers met earthly power??? Rome subject !!!
How are we???

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